Great design ideas for your magenta bedroom

It’s time to decorate your bedroom, to create a bold, bright style that screams ‘you!’ Why not try a magenta color scheme? Whether you want an intense bedroom or something with simple highlights, magenta is the perfect playful color that will help bring out your personality. Here are some great ideas to turn your bedroom into a magenta wonderland!

You can use paint on a variety of surfaces with sheen’s from high gloss to matte or even eggshell. Magenta is perfect for your walls, furniture or just the frames and moldings.

  • Paint – When using paint as your primary wall base, you can choose an accent wall, a checkered or sponge or rag-rolled pattern, or just use paint for the basic outlines in the room such as painting the moldings, door frames, and window shutters.
  • Wallpaper – Try using wallpaper and painted trim to spice up your room. You can use something simple or something busy and exciting. If you use a magenta wallpaper, try painting the room trim a neutral color like black or white or if you’re using another color use that. If you’re using a neutral wallpaper with a pattern, use magenta as the trim color to really bring out the design.

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Design and Theme
Color and great wall designs are great, but if you are just throwing things in at random you are going to end up with a cluttered mess with no real design. You need a theme to tie it all together. Whether it’s modern, simple, or something combined, utilizing your theme will help with even the smallest details. The bolder the theme, the bolder the color. The simpler the theme, the more you’re going to want to stick to colored highlights. It all comes down to the idea you are trying to portray.

When it comes to your bedroom furniture, the style, bedding, and color are more elements that will add to your ideas and really make your room you. Try furniture that matches your style and either get it in the color you want or paint it. If your theme is rustic or more of a feminine persuasion, use furniture that is a bit more ornate with curves. For themes that are more modern try thick, bold edges and geometric shapes.

Accessories are always fun and they really bring out the room. It’s the little things that count, right? Use splashes of color in rugs, picture frames, pillows and trinkets for the perfect touch to bring the whole theme together.

Get Creative!
Your bedroom is the perfect place for you to add every touch of ‘you’ that you can think of. Even if you find a wall hanging, a bizarre pillow or just a simple item that doesn’t entirely fit your theme, throw it in there where it fits. This is your room and your creative element is what will make it unique and special to you. Enjoy yourself and your room décor will reflect upon that.

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