Back to college: 6 ideas for decorating your shared dorm room

Going away to college is a difficult step for every teenager. You not only get to share your room with others but you also have a limited space for your items. College dorms are usually twin rooms with few furnishing and very un-personal. If you are a junior, here are some ideas that might help you accommodate easier:

Share your room with someone you know. In most cases, you get to choose who your room mate is going to be. Choosing someone you already know would be much easier as you already have something to talk about with that person and share some of the happenings at home.

Bring your dearest and most favorite stuff with you. Take your blanket, a decoration, a cushion, a lamp or anything that might create a home-like feeling. It will definitely help you get past leaving home.

Decorate the room in bright and pleasant colors. Try to decide upon a general theme with your room mate or else the whole room might get too busy and colored.

Use space smartly. Placing the beds one above the other will sure make a lot or free space. Be careful not to leave any dead-areas in your room. Dead-areas are the areas you can’t access because of badly placed furnishing.

Keep the room tidy. Living in a small space can be difficult sometimes; just imagine how living in a small and busy place would be… you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Set up privacy areas. Placing curtains around your bed might give you a feeling of privacy.

Now, if you keep these simple tips in your mind, your college life will be much easier. Have some other great tips? We would love to know them. Leave a comment below and share your thought.

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