15+ entryway designs to impress your guests

Entryways are the first thing we see when entering someone’s place. Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect the importance of this area and the impact it may have upon new visitors.

Having a friendly and welcoming entryway is crucial if you want people to feel comfortable and create the wish of coming in. Besides being well-furnished, this area also needs to stay neat and tidy. You wouldn’t want your guests to be scared when you open the door, would you?

We have gathered a collection of entryways to show you how important they are and also inspire you into creating your own.

No matter if you live in a large house or an apartment be sure you have the right entry furnishing. The first thing you need is the obvious coat hanger. You can choose between multiple styles, from on-wall hangers to stand alone ones.

Another important item is the umbrella basket. I know you don’t always think of rain, but you have to be prepared for when the time comes. The ones made of knitted twigs are very easy to integrate in any design so you could take advantage of this.

Don’t forget the sitting area. If your date has to wait for you to be ready, don’t make them stand. Arrange a nice sitting bench with cushions and soft materials or just put a simple chair. Your guests will appreciate and forgive you for not being ready on time.

See other examples below and get inspired!

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