Amazing villa in Braganca Paulista, Brazil

This marvelous villa is located in amazing scenery, with mountains on one side and forests on the other. Just one hour driving distance from Sao Paulo, the residence keeps traditional Brazilian characteristics and mixes them with modern designs.

The fact that the house is so opened to the outdoor is because of the idea that the horizon would be the main design element. The sun on the horizon plays nice colors especially at sunset, letting them in through the very large windows and creating a very pleasant environment.

The lower part of the villa has a very large opening, leading straight to the pool and terrace. The upper floor has an odd construction as part of the facing wall is suspended from the roof without having a full connection.  The wall is made of some sort of wooden fence that creates intimacy without blocking the marvelous view.

The large terrace is the perfect place to rest or enjoy a good conversation while also enjoying the amazing view.

Interiors are simple and spacious, with lots of light. Wooden decks and furnishing make the environment feel warmer and more intimate. Two fire places, one outside and another one inside complete the design by adding up to the overall atmosphere. The main living area is spiced up with two colored paintings that break up the pale white and brown design.

Walls were painted in white in order to emphasize the natural beauty of the decorations and also reflect the sun and its amazing colors at different moments during the day.

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