9 Under Stairs Storage Ideas

What are you currently using the space under your stairs for? Nothing?! This is because you haven’t seen the great ideas we have for that area of your home.

People usually neglect the space under the stairs and consider it dead space. Why not set up some drawers or a storage area? If the stairs are close to the entryway, you could use the space for clothes hangers, a shoe drawer and a resting place for those who have to wait. This way you solve two issues at once: the welcoming entryway and the space under the stairs.

You could also use the space under the stairs to set up shelves for your books or magazines, store winter clothes in summer time, display pretty decorations or even set a bed for your pet.

Below you can find nine of the most inspired usages of the space under the stairs. I think all these sets are smart and efficient in every home, especially the ones with lots of shelves; this way you can store a lot of useful things.

Another great idea is having the kitchen placed near the stairs. This way, the place under the stairs easily becomes a storage area for spices and cooking books while also adding a rustic feeling.

What have you considered using your “under the stairs area” for?

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  1. Ioana Prunea
    Ioana Prunea03-08-2013

    I love these kind of ideas, innovative, efficient and useful

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