Cool Origami Coffee Table

We love Japanese culture because it’s exotic, original and really fun, especially if you’re a big fan to the origami paper. The concept of multiform and chameleonic design of the origami paper is now used in the furniture design, too. Have you ever heard about the origami coffee table? Well we did and we want to share this amazing concept of Martin Pitonak, furniture designer based in Toronto, with you.

How about taking a peak at the pictures and see if this kind of table is to your liking and should fit your stylish living room! Trying to be original? Well…. we have here the solution for you.

Origami coffee table features solid wood, the exact type the customer chooses to have, depending on his preferences and on the available budget. The 42” x 42” glass top is fixed on the chosen type of wood with two metal stand offs. The table can be made of light wood materials, also, such as cherry wood to be more affordable for the client. Origami shape need precision and an artist’s touch to make the design aesthetic and sustainable, also.

Origami coffee table is stylish, designed to be the perfect touch of an exotic culture in a living room with style. All the origami coffee tables are custom made with the materials, shapes and colors at the choice of the customer. Would you like to have your own?

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