30+ powder room design ideas

Do you feel uncomfortable when you have people over and they want to use your bathroom? Perhaps you left some unfolded towels or the cosmetics are not where they should be… Whatever would be the reason, most of us feel a little uncomfortable when an unexpected guest wants to use our bathroom.

In order to avoid this, you might consider arranging a powder room. Powder rooms are small bathrooms that only contain a sink and a sink. These are usually made for guests to use without invading your private bathing space. If you want your guests to feel welcomed when using your powder room you should think a little bit about designing. Due to the fact that this room is usually very small, you will have to find some tricks to make it look larger.

Try using bright colors and a big mirror. Mirrors always enlarge the space and multiply light. Also be sure to leave enough distance between the sink and the toilet, you wouldn’t want to make a corpulent guest feel uncomfortable. Don’t forget about color contrasts either. Vertical contrasting lines help enlarge the space while also creating a friendlier environment.

Be careful about lighting. If you don’t have a window in the powder room, be sure you have enough lighting spots. A dark, small area will not be very welcoming. Also keep in mind that the place has to be well ventilated. In order to avoid bad smells place a ventilator that works the whole time the powder room is used. You could also use a discreet interior spray.

We have gathered a collection of powder room designs to give you inspiration. You will find classy, fancy and modern designs that are sure to please you. Let us know which one is your favorite.

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