2012 Christmas Tree Trends

Wondering what the 2012 Christmas tree trends are? We thought about this and made a little research for you. This year it’s all about white and metallic.

Christmas is always about sparkles and shiny decorations but this year you’ll get even more than usual. Designers have left behind the red-green classic decorations and went far on to metallic and fancier ones. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to stop using red decorations if you like them, just spice them up with some metallic accents.

Here are our favorite seven Christmas tree designs for 2012:

Rich white

An apparently small Christmas tree, rich in decorations and style; white decorations are predominant and give a very “wintery” feeling to the whole house. Artificial snow really makes a point in here.

Turquoise delight

Turquoise is a sparkling color by definition but if you make it metallic, it is even more delightful. Decorate your living room with this Christmas tree and you can be sure all your guests will be amazed.


This is a small, white artificial Christmas tree that completes a casual design; great for minimalist and modern homes. Even if the decorations are not too rich, they are carefully chosen to make the best out of this Christmas tree.


The artificial Christmas tree with incorporated lights is a very inspired choice. You’ll just have to add loads of artificial snow and you’ll have a very pretty and snowy Christmas tree.


Classic white-red

We’ve already told you red is not out of trend yet. This is a great example of a classic white Christmas tree with red glossy decorations. Santa will be pleased to leave gifts under this beauty.

Purple lights

If you’re a fan of purple, this is the Christmas tree for you. A simple yet very nice white tree decorated with few purple and silver ornaments. This tree will surely set the holiday mood to you and your family.

Natural white and silver

A great Christmas tree for large and bright living rooms. Decorated with white and silver ornaments, spiced up with beige color accents. You just got to love the simplicity and effectiveness on this one.

Now, what is your choice? We would love to know what inspires you and how would you like your Christmas tree to look like!

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