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Art Gallery Penthouse in Moscow

Art Gallery Penthouse in Moscow

Ad magazine features this bohemian penthouse, an amazing work of the Russian designer, Ksenia Nikitina. The apartment is the designer’s personal property. What we first of all like about this penthouse is the amazing, panoramic view over the city of Moscow which still has the communist nickname of “Red City”.




The penthouse features two levels, the first level was designed for public use and this is where we can find the living room, dining space and study area. The second level is entirely reserved for the bedrooms, adding seven rooms for the personal use of the family.



One interesting space is the roof terrace, envisioned as a relaxation area.


The apartment is indeed a real art gallery. On the walls we can see some fine works of art, showing that Ksenia is indeed a passionate art collector. The designer played with shades of royal blue velvet and used wood as a decor provider, enhancing the refined and sophisticated atmosphere of the place.





The study room is also featuring a breath-taking view over the city’s skyline.


Bohemian and elegant, fresh and refined, colorful and artistic, this is the perfect apartment to describe the vibrating and never boring city life of Moscow.


What do you say dear reader? Would use some of Ksenia’s ideas for your own skyline penthouse?

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