Luxury Penthouse Downtown Austin, Texas

Howdy cowboys! On your horses! Let us ride together to the Wild Wild West, because today we have a dream penthouse from Texas to conquer together. Located in the busy and buzzy heart of downtown Austin, more specifically in the W Hotel, this baby was designed to make anyone’s day much, much better. The warm atmosphere given by the neutral tones of colors in the living is completed with a more rebel and modern tendency in the bedroom, bathroom and dining area. Enough words, check out the pictures!


This amazing penthouse situated in the heart of cowboys land was properly designed to maximize both horizontal and vertical space. The huge windows in the living room gives the guest the exquisite pleasure to admire downtown Austin from above. You tend to feel Olympian in this luxury suit. The interior features modern furniture with a touch of minimalism and a spray of warm colors, black walnut, white leather tile and brushed bronze.




The kitchen is both spacious, modern and highly equipped with everything one needs to prepare the perfect mail. Wood’s natural color makes the atmosphere in the cooking space really warm and cozy despite the modern touches which if applied in excess can transform a room in cold laboratory.  The dining space at the back end of the kitchen is really playful and colorful, displaying the funny part of the game.



We just love the original idea of the bedroom with the suspended bed and under it the cozy, small couch. A perfect combination of comfort and taste. The uplifted bed features a bright yellow bed frame, leaving for below a space full master living and gaming area.


What draws the attention in the bathroom is the concrete, red and white column, also showing a playful and funny side of the owner. The bath also features Wenge cabinets and Carrera marble tiles.


The cherry on the cake is represented by the fireplace in the living area, cozy, but modern in the same time.


Howdy dear cowboys, that is all from Austin. Tell us your opinion on the luxury penthouse. Isn’t it inspiring?

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