17 DIY Wall Art Ideas

Is redecorating on your to do list of 2013? Why not start now in January to transform your home into the dream house you have ever wanted? If you’re in search for ideas you have reached the right place because we love new ideas and most of all we love to share those ideas with you. Inspiration and a little imagination is basically all you need to envision and transform a room in the perfect space you have always dreamed of. Check out our 17 DIY Wall Art Ideas, choose your favorites and tell us which would be appropriate for your home. Enjoy!

1. Honeycomb Shelves

These unique honeycomb shelves are really practical and beautiful, too. Perfect for a modern living room if you choose to give it a rustic touch, these shelves can easily be home made, you just need the tools and the time. Practical because you can accommodate almost anything from house flowers to books, from toys to photos and basically whatever makes you happy.


2. Instagram Canvas Wall Art

This Instagram canvas wall art is a perfect piece for those of you who are fanatics about two major things, social media and pictures. Because taking art out of your computer and putting it right in the middle of your living is a must, this piece is nothing but inspirational. Are you tired to keep your amazing trip or family photo hidden away in a dusty photo album? Why not be proud of them and displaying on your wall. Another idea which can be inspired by this piece of DIY is a wish board. Yes, you heard well. For those of you who wish for something in their lives which at the moment seems unreachable, why not putting it on you wall and visualize it every day? This could be really helpful.


3. DIY Instagram Wall Art

This DIY Instagram wall art is another perfect and original example of what you can do with your favorite pictures if you hate leaving them in the classical photo album or on the walls of their social media profiles. This is a perfect idea for those of you who are passionate about photography and want to display their work in a nonconformist manner. Want your friends to have a taste of you photos? This is a perfect way to display them.


4. Paper Picture

This paper picture is just one of the millions of ideas you can come up with if you’re the artistic type. You can use any piece of paper or any other raw material and transform it into quite an original work of art.


5. Ombre Wall Art

Do you feel your home office or your work place a little too empty? Well get inspired by this ombre wall art and choose the colors and the textures appropriate for your use. You just need some colors, paper and inspiration and you’re good to go. We suggest you use more blue because it is the color of relaxation, calm and sensibility.


6. Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art

Even toilet paper can become inspirational if your desire is really to redecorate and have fun doing it. This is a really simple hand-made design for those of you who think art is anywhere and can be made out of anything. For this piece you just need scissors, toilet paper tubes, you can save them up for awhile, bobby pins, hot glue, and any color of spray paint. For the final part, after giving them whatever shape and color you desire, you should use thumb tacks for hanging them on the wall.


7. DIY “I love you every day” wall art

DIY “I love you every day” wall art is just perfect to hang in the bedroom to constantly reminding the one that you love that he or she is in fact the most important person in the hall, wide world. The best of it all is that you can do it yourself if you have a way in handling the tools in the garage. Good luck! P.S. It can be a really original and one of a kind Valentine Day’s present.



8. DIY Urchin Wall Art

DIY urchin wall art is perfect for those of you who love to marine creatures. Although you can find urchins of every shape and size you can make one by yourself following the urchin DIY guide here !



9. Geometric Paper Patchwork Art

This geo paper patchwork was created as a bed head. What’s great about it is that it’s mounted on foam core so it’s sturdy but light weight and it can be moved really easily from one room to another. It’s not really tricky but it does require accurate cutting. There were used colored paper and metallic origami paper.

diy-geometric-paper-patchwork-wall-art10. Paper Heart Wall Art

Yet again paper and yet again a symbol of love, hearts. This paper heart wall art is simply perfect for accommodating in any room of the house, but most of all for the bedroom. A child’s room would match perfectly with this interesting idea and for a child’s room was indeed created. I believe teenage girls will also be enchanted by this one of a kind, mini hearts paper artwork.


11. Scripture or Quotes Wall Art

Are you a religious person or just a person who needs thumbs up every morning and every evening before bed? Well here we have it for you! The perfect wall art idea! Get inspired! Get in shape! Be optimistic!


12. DIY Pallet

Wondering what should you do with an old wooden armoire? Here’s an idea for you! A pallet for the wall perfect to induce in your own home a rustic touch and a warm feeling about the room.


13. Flower Spread Wall Art

Fan of nature or simply an optimistic and joyful kind of person? Well this is indeed the wall art to suit you. Colored, inspired, original and in one word art.

14. DIY Canvas Wall Art

This is one piece of art which seems easy to get, easy to do, but it needs a little more patience and time. Words are art from the time men first invented writing and now you can enjoy words, simple black words on white paper right in the middle of your own living room. Do it yourself seems too hard? You can always buy such a work of art. It deserves all the cash!


15. DIY Layered Silhouette Oversized Wall Art

You feel that putting pictures with yourself on the wall seems a bit too narcissistic? Well how about your silhouette and maybe your partners too? Check it out and do tell us what you think!


16. DIY Postcard Wall

You need some ideas of what your post card collection would look like if transformed in a DIY wall art? Check it out then and get a little inspiration from Jessica Jones who already did it. What are you waiting for? Go for it!


17. Ceramic Plate Wall Art

The name says it all and I think it would be a perfect choice for those of you who have great ceramic at home and don’t really know what to do with it. Well here’s an idea.



Have you had lately a great DIY idea? Why don’t you send a picture of it to us and we will let the world know of your creation. Get inspired and inspire us right now!

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