Spacious Apartment in London

This beautiful 3 bedroom apartment is situated in Wellington Road, London and hold your horses, dear readers, it is for sale. This great apartment also features 2 bathrooms, roof terrace, direct lift access and under floor heating. It is perfect for a family of four or for a young couple planning to start a family. And for the connaiseurs of London, the apartment is situated near St John’s Wood where you can find splendid boutiques, restaurants and shops. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?


The apartment is the creation of award winning design company Dekra Ltd. The good taste and aesthetic value is thus guaranteed. The living room as you can observe is highly spacious and illuminated. It features animal print accessories, but not too, just the right proportion to please the eye. The furniture isn’t at all minimalistic, though modern it features a classic Victorian touch remembering the days of glory of the British Empire.

The living is one opened space, accommodating the dinner space also. A dinner space highly elegant and “de bon ton”, featuring the same style as the rest of the living. It would seem a bit too much for those of you who are not familiar with the English taste for power and extreme elegance. Take a look!






The refined taste and elegance remembering of good old English past days, are also determined by the color pattern, a sensual combination of black and white. The atmosphere would seem a bit too cold if it wasn’t for the brown wooden floor. This room is a statement of power and refinement.






The kitchen is elegant and completely equipped with everything one needs to prepare a delicious meal. Of course the St John’s Wood restaurants seem a bit too tempting to remain in the kitchen. The kitchen is Bespoke with Gaggenau Appliances.


The bedrooms are keeping up with the living, featuring a sober elegance. On my opinion these bedroom can very well accommodate a royal prince. What do you say?



Keep it or leave it, what do you think dear readers? Is it a bit too much?

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