Bring Life to Old Furniture with Duct Tape

Sometimes people just get bored or to accustomed to their furniture and feel bored or unhappy. A solution to this would be re-painting furniture in order to give it a fresher look. But since painting can get dirty sometimes, we have found a mess-less way to renew your furniture: duct tape!

Using duct tape, you are sure to complete the task very easy and with great results. Anyways, before getting started there are some steps you need to follow. Here is a simple tutorial we have found online that might help you out:

Choosing color palette

Duct Tape New Furniture 1

Try choosing colors that match other things in your room such as your carpet or wallpaper. If you really want to make the new furniture item the center of attention, then you could choose strong, electric colors that will make a statement.

Measuring the table/object to be renewed

Duct Tape New Furniture 2

You need to carefully measure the top size and margins and also focus on the edges. Don’t omit any area you need to recolor. After this, calculate to see how much duct tape you need, by keeping in mind the width of the tape. After this, you can know for sure how many rolls you need.

Cleaning the surface

Be sure to clean the surface and let it dry afterwards. You wouldn’t want any impurities on the surface as they might create bubbles and break out the looks on your surface.

The process

Begin by placing a single strip on the middle of the surface. Then add strips in different colors, overlapping them a little to keep secure. Do this on both sides of the center strip until the edges on the surface. Be sure to secure the corners by leaving a longer strip and bending it underneath.

Duct Tape New Furniture 4

Duct Tape New Furniture 3

Every now and then, press over the surface using a credit card or similar item in order to help the strip glue entirely.

Duct Tape New Furniture 5

The final item should look like this:

Duct Tape New Furniture 10

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Duct Tape New Furniture 8

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Duct Tape New Furniture 6

Duct Tape New Furniture 7

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  1. Christine Lee
    Christine Lee01-08-2014

    Along these same lines, check out this before and after duct tape furniture makeover that we did over at…it turned out really well!

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