Victorian Paper Chair

We live in the age of creativity, but have you ever stopped to think about the possibility of making a paper chair? If not, it seems that Hyphen a company from India, Mumbai has already come up with the idea. In an age of remixes, a Victorian chair was indeed what remained to be remixed and not from any kind of material, but from paper. Check out the images!


Indian interior designer Prasanna Sankhe is the head from Hyphen behind this timeless idea. It seems that elegant Victorian age meets modern eco-remix materials. The chair is very light, weighing about two kilos, but it actually can sustain up to 120 kilos. It uses the classic black and white combination to give to the entire work a more contrasting visual statement, being a feast to hungry eyes.



“The chair is not a burden on the Ecology, and its light on your wallet as well“, says the designer. The chair features indeed an affordable price. We are talking about $ 110 USD. The details are very fine featuring a touch of minimalistic idea thanks to the black and white theme in combination with Victorian’s age taste and elegance.




We are really curious if you’d appreciate such a chair in your home. We believe that this Victorian chair is perfect for a living room, but it’s up to you where you want to put it. You have to admit it is an original design, chic, unique and featuring a “je ne sais quoi”, an Indian “je ne sais quoi”. Would you buy such a chair for your home? If yes,  what is the room where the chair will reign? If not, why? Tell us your opinion about it. We are really eager to find what you think.

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