8 Valentine’s Day Table Designs

As Valentine’s Day is almost here, you might want to surprise your lover with something nice and special. What better way of surprising your sweetheart, than a home-cooked meal served at a nicely decorated table? Yeah, we thought about it and brought you a selection of Valentine’s table designs to choose from.

LOVE table top

With a table top like this, I don’t think there could be a way of missing the point. Personalize little cards with nice messages that are surely to entertain and don’t forget about the flowers. They will not only look nice but will also give a slight and lovely scent.

Valentine's Day Table Design 1

Red Festive Table

This is a nice choice if you are planning to have a celebration for four. You could invite some close friends to celebrate your love with. Simple decorations and the table-cloth that touches the ground will give a special feeling of classy.

Valentine's Day Table Design 2

Love open bar

If you feel like sharing love with your friends, arrange a love bar and invite them over. Decorate the walls with hearts shaped twigs and ribbons for greatest effect. This is also a great design for weddings or wedding anniversaries; in this case, there could be a picture of the happy couple right in the middle of the table.

Valentine's Day Table Design 3

Be my Valentine

At this design, I especially enjoy the envelopes idea. I can figure the red one hides a very pleasant surprise in there. The design is simple yet classy enough to surprise even the most demanding lovers.

Valentine's Day Table Design 4

Rustic Valentine’s Table

This is a much simpler design, with fewer decorations but still very nice. I feel like this table is for couples with kids that want to celebrate their love with the little ones. Very cute and lovely design, indeed!

Valentine's Day Table Design 5

Pastel Valentine

By far the loveliest shared Valentine’s Day table design; the colors used in this design are very peaceful and express a lot of love and warmth. Lighting is very important and this design makes the best out of it. Your guests will be impressed!

Valentine's Day Table Design 6

Blue Valentine

Being blue on Valentine’s Day is something we all want to avoid; but having blue on our Valentine’s Day table is a great choice. Red and blue get together and create a very nice and fresh environment, perfect to fall in love over and over again.  I especially liked the little birds; they add energy and dynamism to the design.

Valentine's Day Table Design 7

Black Love

Unconventional and modern, this design succeeds to impress by the classy and fancy environment it creates. This is a great design for those who are in love and want to celebrate the love holiday but don’t feel comfortable having all pink and red decorations around.

Valentine's Day Table Design 8

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