Google Offices in Tel Aviv

Ever wondered how come guys at Google are always so creative and developing new stuff all the time? We might have found the answer: the awesome offices they work in. Today we bring you Google Offices in Tel Aviv. These are the newest Google Offices and were set up at the end of last year. Design was realized by Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal.


All the teams, from sales and marketing to engineering or design, work in incredible offices that boost their potential to the maximum. Even the cubicles area, that can easily seem overwhelming, is set as a nice working space, with enough space and privacy for all the workers. The fact that most of the furnishing is white gives the place a pleasant light and energy; this and the natural accents, make these offices the best work area.



This gallery features offices that have integrated trees, picnic tables and lots of flowers in multiple sets.  I can only imagine how cool it would be to drink my morning coffee under a huge magnolia tree and then brainstorm at a picnic table with and astonishing view over the city. Recreational spaces are built-in a very smart and beautiful way, in order to combine both functional and aesthetic aspects resulting into a peaceful odyssey.

Google actually puts a lot of effort into keeping their employee happy and their working capacities at maximum, and it really succeeds! Just browse through the gallery bellow and be amazed:









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