10 Bike Themed Garden Decorations

Don’t we all just love cycling in the sunny days with someone we love at our side? Yes we do, but there comes a time when, no matter how careful we are, our old bike needs replacement. Luckily for you, we have found a way you could use your old bike, and don’t have to sell it out or throw it away: Garden Decorating.

I’m sure you love your garden as much as you love your bike, so why not set them up together? Here are some ideas of what your old bike might look like if you use your imagination. Please notice, some of the bikes in this post had their tires replaced with iron tires, so that they can last longer in all weather conditions. Also, you might find some models that were only made for decorative purpose and not any functional cycling purpose, but who cares as long as they make the hell out of a garden?

Petunias baskets

Petunias are a colorful sort of flowers that grow really fast and don’t need any special treatment. All they need is some water and sun and you’ll have them blossoming for weeks in a row.


White poppy sacks

These are some sort of wild flowers that also grow very fast and last for a relatively long period of time. The best thing about these is that you don’t have to pay much attention to them or give them any special treatment.


Green herbs pots

Choosing green plants, without any flowers, is more convenient as they will look the same all year long; this, of course, if you keep them somewhere inside where they don’t dry or freeze. Place the pots on a red decorative bike and there you have it: the best terrace decoration!


Double Pots Bikes

You and your little sister used to have similar bikes? That’s OK; you could pair them up and make a stunning garden decoration. Feel free to plant whatever flowers you like and make sure you water them often enough.


Garden Fence Bike

This is the extreme solution to use your old bike: make a gate out of it. You must admit it looks pretty nice and makes you want to try it out.


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