Vertical Gardens, the Concept that will Change Citylife

As cities get invaded by concrete, iron and glass people start feeling uncomfortable, like living in big cold boxes where nature is failing to evolve. Parks and green areas get smaller and smaller with everyday that passes while trees and flowers on the boulevards and avenues have a hard time growing old. We are all suffocated by rough concrete and exhaust gases.

There is however a solution to all of this: vertical and suspended gardens. They are told to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, starting from old Babilon. These gardens were first built by king Nabucodonosor the second for one of his wives, Amythis.

This concept has been refreshed by contemporary designers who build novel suspended gardens, at 90 degrees angles. The vertical gardens fit in almost every type of construction, from blocks of flats to mansions, houses or even office buildings. These gardens have a double purpose: they beautify the area and they also produce oxygen.

A british company brings into attention concepts like the green roof and the green frontage. They have created Aquadyne, a revolutionary irigating system that, for each 20 sqm of green surface absorbs 1 tone of toxic  emissions.

Here are some great examples of suspended gardens by designer Patrick Blanc.

vertical garden 1

vertical garden 2

vertical garden 3


vertical garden 5

vertical garden 6

vertical garden 7


vertical garden 9


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