The Importance of a Ceiling in Your House

Some may think that a ceiling is not seen by the guests, but there are some people that like to study the house “from head to toe”. Nevertheless, having a beautiful ceiling, in tune with your house, will bring peace to you and to your family, because you will know that your house is as beautiful and complete as it can be.

A white ceiling, with some false, wooden applications, will bring the modern and the elegance that you searched for into your house. Attach a lamp and some additional light, which will maintain the desired image.

Excellent False ceiling design

Another idea that you can use is to create tiles and paint them in any color that you like. I recommend the wooden colors, because it can be harmonized more easily with the furniture and with the decorating items. It is also suitable for a lower house, because it gives the impression of a taller room.


The lights are the most important thing, especially when they put the eyes on the ceiling. Choose a simple, white one, but add some subtle and elegant lights on the margins.


In the same idea, we can add light spots, because they will accentuate the walls’ colors and harmony.


The multitude of lights that you can use for a very large room, especially on the ceiling. You can use spots, wall plaques, subtle lights and more prominent ones, all for the same ceiling. The effect will be outstanding.


You could use wallpaper for the ceiling. Applying some white and modeled wallpaper and painting it in a slightly greener color will make the ceiling very elegant. Add a lamp as close to the ceiling as possible, to get that metallic look in the evenings.


The wood ceiling can be just as the floor, or with some tiles, which will be suitable for those rustic houses. I might add that this type of ceiling is perfect for those rooms that need to be more intimate.


A more weird, but actually very attractive, ceiling is the one that imitates the sky. Pick a blue color for the ceiling and draw the start with your own hand, by creating the perfect family moment. You could also go for the electronic ceiling, meaning that the actual sky part can show you the stars by the hour and, also, shooting stars. It’s a great ceiling for a bedroom, adult or not, because it will create the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful sleep.


All these ceilings are just some proposals, but you can actually pick the one that suits you most. Think about the type of room and the person that will reside there, before making any commitments regarding the upper part of the room.

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